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This is the first of what will be weekly updates (blogs) about Camp Wekeela.

Posted by ephram on 08/24/2012

Hi everyone! This is the first of what will be weekly updates (blogs). We hope you come back and visit here often to get updates on Camp Wekeela.
Summer camp and Camp Wekeela are educational experiences. Camps are disguised as fun factories; a lot of learning goes on at sleep-away camps. After spending just one summer at Wekeela, your children have learned to stretch their boundaries and experience life through the eyes of someone whose life is not a mirror image of their own. They have increased their self-esteem and confidence and fostered their independence. The only way children can become independent is because you opened the door and let them walk out. That’s what makes camp such a life-changing experience for children.
Here’s wishing you the entire Wekeela family a great school year. We hope our campers will use the talents abilities and creativity and energy they displayed this summer at school and at home.
Have a great weekend! Camp starts in 308 days!!
Kindest Regards,

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