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Getting the New School Year Off to an Organized Start

Posted by ephram on 09/21/2012

We hope your children have made a smooth transition back to school, but still have warm memories of a terrific summer. With those memories still fresh, the new school year is a great time to adopt new, organized habits. Here are some ideas to help you keep tabs on your family’s whereabouts, see what arrangements need to be made, eliminate some of that morning pressure and stay on top of school-generated paperwork.
Create a master calendar for your family:
* Include everything
* Keep the calendar in a central location so family members can add new items as they come up.
Establish an evening routine that prepares them for the next day:
* Before bed, have them gather their homework assignments and anything special they might need for school the next day – team uniforms, band instruments – into their backpacks.

Encourage your kids to get out the door with everything they need:
* Designate an area to store everything the kids need to take with them for the day – it can be as simple as two bins placed near the door and hooks hung at kid-height for jackets and sweatshirts.
* Hang a permanent list of often-forgotten items to teach your children to go through a mental checklist.

Here’s to a soopah school year for all Pioneers!

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