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We’re Back!!

Posted by ephram on 01/22/2015

Hello Wekeela Pioneers,


Welcome to our new blog 2015. We are very excited to start off the new year right- by updating our beloved Wekeela family with all of the goings on at the Wekeela Headquarters. This is where you can find out about our exciting staff recruitment, upcoming reunions, evening activity planning, and anything camp related that we can think of! Enjoy and we can’t wait for you to be with us here on Wekeela Wednesdays!


We hope our Washington area Wekeela Pioneers new and old will join us Friday, Jan 23 from 7:00-8:30pm at the Lakewood Country Club located at: 13901 Glen Mill Road, Rockville, MD 20850. If you can’t make it this Friday at Lakewood, I’ll be at Sidwell School this Saturday from 1:00-3:30pm. On Wednesday, Jan 28th, I’ll be at Greenwich HS from 6-8:30pm. For parents of registered campers, all important camp information such as camper health forms, transportation information, parent/camper handbook, winter newsletter, Wekeela apparel catalog and much, much more at our website. In anticipation of “Staff Week”, our Staff Portal is now open as well! Please contact me for your password. We hope to see Pioneers on the road this winter!

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