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Posted by ephram on 02/25/2015

What if the hokey pokey is what it’s all about?

Now, that we’ve got you thinking…..

We hope that all of our families are staying warm during this cold weather. We only have 120 days until camp and summer finally begins! Keep those camp fires burning in the mean time and take the time before camp  to gather your wacky clothing, crazy socks, and as much face paint as you can find. TRUST US, these things will come in handy.  (We also have an incredible supply of these things. So, don’t worry!)


We’ve got some exciting things in store for the summer, we’re bringing back some favorite evening activities and adding a few new ones as well. Our camp grounds are currently undergoing some exciting new additions as well. Stay tuned for these announcements!


Don’t forget- Our S. Florida Reunion is March 29, 2015. Message us for my details!

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