Additional Testimonials

Maison can’t stop talking about how amazing her summer was. She’s going back for full session next year no doubt. Thanks for everything you do. You are truly and inspirational creative and exceptional camp director/owner. Matt Metro, Potomac, MD

We just want to thank you both for the wonderful experience our kids had at camp! It was above and beyond what we imagined for them, and they both whole-heartedly want to come back next year
Lisa and Keith Grace, Ridgewood, NJ

Eric and I are always impressed with the staff that you and Lori hand pick for summer camp.
This is our third year and we can say without hesitation that the staff this year better than ever.
There is a level of trust that we feel to send our young children to sleep away camp. These are very impressionable years for the kids and they need to be surrounded by great role models. The counselors have a very important job-to keep the kids happy and help them grow. Your counselors do that and more! They listen to the children. They make each child feel exceptional. The time they take to get to know each child is wonderful to hear about. When we come to costing day, the counselors are there greeting us and introducing themselves.
Caryn Chenven, Davie, FL

Wekeela has turned out to be one of the most positive and beneficial experiences of our son Tim’s life for 3 summers running. He matures each summer more than the entire rest of the year. He learns how to try new things, get along with others, the art of personal communication not aided by electronic devices and an appreciation for other cultures through his amazing counselors. He gets mentoring from caring and dedicated staff that inspire him in ways we never can as parents. We view camp as a lifelong gift we have given Tim that has immeasurable benefits.
Timothy J. Santy, San Antonio, Texas

When we arrived at camp on visiting day Doug and I could not have been more impressed by the genuine warmth and level of caring between the counselors and both our children. What was most striking to us was how counselors from different groups (not just their bunk counselors) knew our kids and greeted them and it really felt like a big family
Suzanne and Doug Brooks, Needham, MA

Paul had the time of his life at camp this year…and that is saying a lot considering this lucky little person has had some pretty amazing experiences including Africa and Australia! He feels so comfortable there and loves the relationships he developed with fellow campers and counselors. He has lots of good friends at home but seemed to develop a unique bond with his bunkmates that can only happen if you are hanging with the same group 24/7 for weeks…super tight and special. He truly values the relationships he has with your counselors (they are the big brothers he doesn’t have In our family since he is the oldest). His plan is to attend Camp Wekeela every year he can and then become a counselor himself! Needless to say…your wonderful camp and incredible staff has inspired him. Thank you for being such an important part of Paul’s life. You, your camp and your staff are helping to shape him into an interesting, independent, confident young man who I am so proud of. Thank you, thank you! See you next year! Shannon Baynes, Park City, UT

I wanted to let you know how great Jake’s Summer has been and how wonderfully supportive his counselors are. They help to make camp a care free, fun place where the kids can thrive!
Carolyn Perelmuter, Needham, MA

One obvious thing we have noticed over the last 3 years. Counselors are great at making kids feel really special. Is there anything Wekeela staffers don’t do? When we came for visiting day, we got rave reviews about our daughter…Her performance, talent etc. They complimented her and in front of us too. It made her feel like a rock star I am sure. I am sure that they do this for each camper,and that’s just amazing!!! Love your staff!!! Great job picking them!!! Friendly and bright too!!!-Jodee Keller, NY

The staff and counselors are so wonderful, caring and thoughtful. This is the second year our children have attended and we have yet been impressed by the level of professionalism and caring shown by the staff to our children.
Our children are experiencing all sorts of new activities and Harlee even won the Bushmaster award! She certainly wouldn’t be doing that in Florida during the summer. Camp has pushed our children to make new friends and experience all sorts of things they wouldn’t have done on their own.
Duree & Dwayne Ross, Davie FL

Evan had an amazing time at camp, which is what we had hoped when we dropped him off for his first summer. But what we hadn’t expected is how much he would grow in four short weeks. The credit for that goes to you and your team. We were worried about Evan being homesick during his first extended stay away from home. Rather than that, what we are seeing is that he is more “campsick” now that he is back home. He is already looking forward to next summer.

While everyone we met on Visiting Day seemed great, we were particularly impressed by those assigned to his cabin – both Chippewa and Sioux. Evan bonded with each of his counselors – he described each one as “the best” – and with the other boys in his cabin. That is an extraordinary group of counselors. We can’t thank them and you enough. Jordan Goldstein, Bethesda, MD

We knew Courtney was having a great time at camp. After visiting day, we knew why. The counselors we met were amazing! One is more energetic, enthusiastic, supportive, and committed than the next. I was blown away by how outstanding they were. I could see how much they cared for Courtney, and how much she adored them. Thank you, Wekeela, for being her home away from home!
Debbie Pine, Washington, DC

I wanted to be sure you knew how happy Sam is at camp. This kind of lasting affection and friendship can only take place in a culture of safety and fun, acceptance and loving guidance so evident under your and Lori’s amazing and tireless leadership.
It most certainly takes leadership to manage the lives of 600 kids!! Sam loves, loves, loves his Camp Wekeela experience, and all of you, and Jack and I couldn’t be more grateful. It means the world to us. Deborah Hauser, West Hartford, CT

I just wanted to write you both and let you know what an amazing experience Eli had at camp. For the last week and a half it is all he has talked about. He is constantly talking about all the things he will do at camp next year. He already has it planned out that next year he is going for 4 weeks and then the year after he will convince Sophie to stay with him for 7. He keeps telling me camp is all about trying new things and that he tried so many new things at camp including new foods.

All of his counselors were so wonderful. It was so sweet to see him with all of them when we picked him up. He formed such a special bond with all of them. He is so excited to see everyone again this weekend! Sophie also seemed so happy and very much in her element. I thought she might be sad when she saw us knowing Eli was going and she was staying, but it really was a non-issue. She was thrilled to be staying and was so excited for us to meet all of her new friends and counselors. I couldn’t be more thrilled that the kids love Wekeela as much as I did when I was a kid. It is such a special place and I am so glad that they get to experience it. Even 25 years later my Wekeela friends are still popping up. Yesterday I randomly ran into Katrina Pound. I have not seen her in 20 years and it was so nice to reconnect :). Anyways, we are looking forward to visiting day. I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for the amazing experience you have given my children. We look forward to many more years of camp 🙂 Alyssa Shenk, Aspen, CO

This testimonial is specifically aimed at the teen camp counselors. While my 4th and 5th year campers have always had fantastic counselors who have enriched their Wekeela summers beyond words, and about whom they speak for the entire school year, there is an extra element to the teen camp influence. The older children watch and learn from their counselors in a deeper way — they are not just fun-providers for the summer, they are also role models for all aspects of life. I could not be more pleased with the influence of the fine young Wekeela men and women on my own teenagers. They are hard-working, responsible, respectful, kind, compassionate, considerate and fair. They are living examples for the teens that it is possible to have a real, serious and responsible job while still being fun-loving, well-liked and goofy. That there is a time and a place for everything and that life is a balance. These lessons are not well-received when delivered by us, the old, “out of touch,” fuddy-duddy parents. All of your counselors, but especially the ones in teen camp, are leading the next generation by example. And I thank you for hiring such an exemplary group to influence and inform my children. Lauri Rothstein, West Orange, NJ

Mac’s experience at Wekeela this summer was tremendous! We have seen such incredible growth and independence in him and a new sense of maturity. And to think that was only after two weeks at camp!! Mac is constantly talking about his friends and especially his counselors. When Mac had some problems managing his frustration at time, Zack and Matt called us at home. They were so kind and caring and asked for strategies they could use in order to help Mac. All the counselors were able to implement the strategies I gave them with great success and this was wonderful for Mac and the staff. Also, our son who is all about sports and video games loved the culinary arts program and even did some arts and crafts!!! He had so much fun he realized being unplugged was a really good thing. We can’t say enough about how happy we are with Mac’s time at Wekeela and the staff is a huge reason why. Thanks to everyone for giving our son such an amazing two weeks! We all look forward to next year.
Amy Masters Ribner and Joshua Ribner, Boston, MA