Camp Wekeela History

In 1922, Emma Graumann opened a camp for girls on the shores of Little Bear Pond called We-You-Wega. Emma must have chosen her site well, because there has been a camp here ever since.

Beginning in 1939, Bess Benas operated Silver Birches camp on the site.

After World War II, Joe and Francis Weene took over Camp We-you Wega and turned into a boys’ camp. They came up with the current name by blending their last name with the names of their sons Ken and Larry. A sister camp for girls called Naiad, was just down the road at the time. In 1970, Claire and Dusty Drew purchase Wekeela and Wekeela became a coed camp. In 1981, Laurie and Eric Scoblionko became owners and directors. They built Wekeela into one of the finest coed traditional camps for children and teens in the country.

In 2005, the Newman’s and Waldman’s of Camp Indian Acres & Camp Forest Acres assumed ownership of Wekeela. Lori and Ephram Caflun joined the Wekeela family back in 1997. They loved it so much, they purchased the camp in 2008. Ephram and Lori honor the camp’s tradition while also focusing on creating a bright future for Wekeela.

Wekeela alumni from as far back as the 1940s regularly hold reunions at camp and throughout the world. Best of all alumni pay visits to the camp. When you come to Camp Wekeela, you join the Wekeela family and you become part of a grand tradition.