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Summer Camp Testimonials


This is so beautifully written. Thank you for the words that mean so much and brought tears to my eyes. Grateful to have your family and what you have created at Wekeela in our lives.
Meegan (Noah's Mom)

Dear Caflun famliy!

Just back from a tremendous summer for all of our family, I just wanted to tell you how Héloïse loved her Weekela camp. She came back and said "It is my life best expérience » !

I have to confess it was for us surely a challenging décision to let her go, we had great recommandations from friends on Weekela but still, it was the very first time she was away from us and going alone to Camp Wekeela.

She enjoyed EVERYTHING, she met with so many friends and it took her weeks after to touch base and get back to her « normal » line… She couldnt stop talking and telling us all the friends, counsellors, activities amd fun she met and had…

You were right when we talk in Spring on the phone and on skype : it was the greatest gift to make her to go to Weekela.

We are for sure considering to enroll Heloise for next summer but still cannot make our décision as we do not know what the planning will be for next summer.

She is determined to come back : ) and wants to stay full session !

For all this a huge Thank you to each of you and please to share withe the entire team.

Wish you and your family the best for this coming year before next summer,

Kind regards
Emilie and Samuel & Richer and Heloise

Exceeded our expectations

Gabby had a wonderful experience. It exceeded our expectations. See you next summer. We are so happy!
Fran Allegra

Best investment we have ever made

Dear, Lori, Ephram, Jonathan, Matthew and Jared,

Let me first start off by saying, this was hands down the best investment we have ever made for our son James Thearle! Thank you for providing him with the most amazing camp experience. We were able to facetime with him just now and he said his favorite part of the camp was his counselors and his least favorite part was having to say goodbye!

I trusted in the Kuskin’s recommendation and this far exceeded our expectations. He immediately told us he will be back next year! Thanks again to Jonathan for your amazing tour last summer which floored my husband. James is all smiles and he deserves nothing but that.

I know things are quite busy for you all this week, but when you get the time and are able to respond later in the summer I wanted to ask your permission on something. I would like to use the second paragraph below in my montage of photos that I will be posting on Instagram capturing James’ experience at Wekeela. I completely understand if you would prefer I did not. It was written so beautifully and tugged at my heart strings.

I cannot wait to pick his favorite photos and post them for our memory books giving you all the biggest shout out! Forever grateful.

Thank you again for EVERYTHING!
Christine Thearle

Camp is a fabulous place to grow and learn

Lori and Ephram,

Thank you for this wonderful email! Camp is a fabulous place to grow and learn about yourself. Thank you for providing this wonderful opportunity for our teen Cosmo. They are learning what really matters! Happy Anniversary to you as well as the centennial for camp! Mazel Tov! We are forever grateful for all that you have done for our family.
The Durans

Words cannot describe the feelings

Many thanks for a memorable summer camp. Words cannot describe the feelings and the experience the boys have shared with you.

Today they are actually sad that they cannot play with campers that we are now calling friends. Kuddos to the team who made this all possible

Wekeela = Family!

There are so many "beautiful" camps out there -- that offer this and that.... each one better than the next. But if the "pastoral care" (for lack of a better description) isn't there - and not just from the head of the camp -- but from the head counselor down to the LITs, etc... nothing else matters.

You guys have seemed to have NAILED IT!!!!
Debbie, mom from Potomac, MD

Special Place

Since I couldn’t be at camp this summer, it seems important for me to remind you both how grateful I am for what Wekeela has done for me. Thank you for creating a place that is truly like no other; there is no where else in the world where I feel so at ease and confident. Camp has made me appreciate little moments with people that matter. It has made me understand how valuable it is to take time away from the unimportant issues that bother me at home. At home, I worry too much about doing well in school and I don’t spend enough time doing what makes me happy. Being at Wekeela reminds me that it is so much more valuable to be happy than to focus on the end result or worry about being successful.

At my school in LA, I’ve never felt anywhere near as comfortable as I do at camp. It’s a small school and I’ve been going for the past four years. Still, I don’t believe in myself there. I could never picture myself being a leader at my school. Thank you both for seeing value in me when I don’t always feel the same sense of importance at home.

Next year, I’m going to go to boarding school in Connecticut. When people ask me why I chose to be so far away, my natural response is always that “it just seems more like camp.” Most of my friends have never been to a camp like Wekeela and they don’t understand what could possibly make me want to leave LA. But I know that I am always going to be happier in a place that prioritizes community over competition. Though no school could ever make my heart feel as full as Wekeela has, I’m still looking forward to being in an environment that is at least a bit more similar to camp.

Thank you again for creating a such a special place,
Sarah K.

I love it more and more!

I want to thank you so much for letting me come back as a JC. Every year I come to camp, I love it more and more! I miss camp now, more than ever. I wish that people in the “real world” could be more like the people at camp. But, I realize that Wekeela is a collection of very special people from the real world, who come together each year and become a family forever. All of the best relationships I have, have been with people from Wekeela. I just wanted to thank you so much for letting me come back and see my “family”!

“Camp Wekeela is an extraordinary special place!!! My children have gone there for the past 4 summers and will be returning for as many years as they will have us. The staff is incredible. The counselors, owners, administrative staff, etc. are so caring and amazing. They love our kids and build such tight bonds with them. They come from all over the world and they keep in touch with our kids all year long. The friendships they are making and experiences they are having are priceless. They offer something for everyone and the whole camp feels like an extended family. That says a lot! For my kids, Camp Wekeela has truly become a second home and from the day they leave they are counting the days until they will be going back.”

Everything You’d Imagine

Camp Wekeela is a magical place. Everything you'd imagine in a Maine camp experience. Our two boys were reluctant to be away for multiple weeks from Mom & Dad. Now, they can't wait to go back. Lots of new friends, new experiences, and most importantly, a new-found sense of independence. What's more the camp is run like a finely-tuned machine -- non-stop activities, plenty of structure, encouragement and counsel. There's something for everyone at Camp Wekeela!

The best experience of her life

I wanted to extend my deepest gratitude and appreciation for having my daughter for the two weeks and then making it possible for her stay the additional week. The first thing she said when we picked her up at the airport was ‘ that was the best experience of my life Mom’. That’s when I knew that sending her to sleep away camp was the right decision. Normally I don’t even allow her to sleep at a friend house!! She is already looking forward to next summer and is trying to convince her younger brother on joining her.

Once again Ephram, thank you so much. It has truly been a wonderful experience for her and for me knowing she is having fun in a safe and fun filled environment.

Favorite Place in the World

Camp Wekeela is my son's favorite place in the world! The counselors are an outstanding group of both seasoned Wekeela veterans and incredible first year staff members, many of whom are international. The owners/directors, Lori and Ephram Caflun, have developed an amazing sense of family around camp that can't be matched anywhere else. Year in and year out, my son, Garrett, has fostered and developed strong friendships spanning his 6 years at Wekeela. In addition to the welcoming community, the facilities are exceptional. Furthermore, the activities and opportunities, such as trips away from camp, truly make Camp Wekeela a fantastic sleep-away option

Support and Care

My Child (12 years old) travelled for the first time to the US alone. The first class service (airport pickup and dropoff) had us feel very comfortable for future summers. The camp itself was amazing and I have never seen my child so happy. Thank you very much for your support Lori and Ephram and we look forward to sending all of our children next summer!!! Keep up the good work...

Camp should be a magical place where kids are free to be who they want.

Camp Wekeela DELIVERS.

Owners Ephram and Lori are more than camp directors, they are professionals vested in understanding all children and have extensive expertise in providing a safe, nurturing and FUN environment. They always make the time to support a family's needs and above all, the child comes first. In these crazy world times, it is so assuring to know that our children are in a safe haven to mature, have experiences out of their comfort zone and make lifelong friendships. KUDOS!

A big Family

My daughter loved her first summer at Camp Wekeela and can't wait to go back next year! She came home raving about everything and everyone. The staff was phenomenal. She had the most incredible hiking, water sports and activity experiences. The bunks were clean and well maintained and the waterfront area is gorgeous! She came home with a huge, new family!


I can't even describe how life changing this camp is! It is like a fine tuned machine, so well run and efficient. They provide SO many fun and varied activities for the kids. There's never a dull moment of boredom from repetitive activities. Our daughter participated in water skiing, surfing, rock climbing, zip lining, tennis, field hockey, gymnastics, basketball etc. along with the usual camp activities of camp fires, skits, costume party etc. They also took field trips to Canada, a professional baseball game and various other events. The fun never ends.

She had responsible, mature counselors with whom she bonded and built lasting friendships, not to mention the bonds formed between the many campers.

The food is fantastic and they even offer gluten free options.

It's a technology free camp which causes the kids to actually interact with each other and connect in a more organic, substantive way. A valuable skill that our kids rarely have the opportunity to develop.

I can't say enough good things about this camp and only wish we had known about it earlier. Our daughter's experience at Camp Wekeela has enhanced her life in so many positive ways. You can't put a price tag on those valuable lessons. Thank you to the Cafluns and Camp Wekeela!

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